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Mainstream Media

A lot of mainstream media end up including story lines that are sexually arousing to gainers and encouragers. It's not clear whether this happens on purpose. Sometimes it seems so clearly oriented towards gainer and encourager fantasies that it seems like one of the artists must have been part of this community. But perhaps it is simply the result of the fact that a lot of material is generated and we happen to focus on the small set of items that match our fantasies.

It is extremely difficult to keep track of all of the material that comes out. The table below includes some of the items that gainers and encouragers most often mention. Please contact with suggestions for items to add so that this list can improve over time.

Beefcake: clip, episode Southpark episode Weight Gain 400 in which Cartman gets even fatter
Bulk the series not gainer related, but explores issues of being a fat gay man
Chow Hound 1951 cartoon in which a bully of a dog is force fed by a cat and mouse who finally remember the gravy
The Day Flash Weighed 1,000 Pounds! Flash comic #115
Donut Hell Simpsons clip in which Homer is force-fed donuts
Doug Tips the Scales Doug fattens up at his grandmother's house
Fat Alec Baldwin clip from Cat in the Hat with a very fat Alec showing his gut
Fat Eric Eric from That 70's Show dreams of gaining to immobility
Fat Joey Friends clip ponders what would have happened if Joey and Monica hooked up
Grande Size Me episode of Kim Possible in which Ron Stoppable defies the "wheel of good eating" and ends up getting fat
I'm Fat Weird Al's classic video parody of Michael Jackson's "I'm Bad"
I'm Starving classic Chris Farley clip
Jimmy Olsen: The Fat Boy of Metropolis Jimmy Olsen comic #49
Holiday for Drumsticks 1949 cartoon in which a hillbilly couple fattens up Daffy Duck
Kids in the Hall The guys do a sketch about big guts
King Size Homer Simpsons episode in which Homer gains weight to get disability benefits
King-Size Canary 1947 cartoon in which animals drink a bottle of Jumbo Gro and become gigantic
Mac Gets Fat: promo 1, promo 2, promo 3 Mac gains 50 pounds for season 7 of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
The Man with the Golden Gut Johnny Bravo gets fat
Mr. Creosote Monty Python's overeating superchub explodes
NAAFP Family Guy clip in which Peter tries to organize a fat acceptance group
Nobody Loves a Fat Astronaut I Dream of Jennie episode in which Jeannie's mischievous sister tricks Tony into drinking a potion that makes him super fat
The Oinquirer cartoon archive a detailed listing of cartoon links as of 2001
Pigs is Pigs 1937 cartoon about a mad scientist who force feeds a pig
part 1Pleased to Eat You episode of Big Wolf on Campus in which spider people use poisons to make Merton superfat
Pop the Pig A kid's game that is curiously gainer/encourager oriented
Rag on a Stick Bart Simpson dreams about gaining to immobility
Sabrina and the Beanstalk episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch in which Harvey is fattened up by a wicked witch
The Santa Clause classic Tim Allen movie with the ultimate gainer fantasy
Santa's Village of the Damned Two and a Half Men episode in which Charlie and Alan get fat (short dubbed clip available here—in Slovak?)
Say Cheese and Die Again episode of Goosebumps in which an evil camera makes a teenage boy so fat he can't fit into his clothes
Scooby Doo Scooby and Shaggy get fat
She's Having My Baby Back Ribs episode of Boy Meets World in which Eric gets pants-unbuttoning fat
Simplifying Summer commercial with a guy who sucks in his stomach
Skylight Coors commercial with a beer belly
Super Duper Sumos They have guts and big butts
Templeton feasting clips from Charlotte's Web in which Templeton the rat feasts at the fair
Traditions: part 1, part 2 episode of Undergrads in which Nitz puts on the freshman 15
Two Ton Superman Superman comic #221
Weighing Harold Hey Arnold! episode in which Harold gets fatter (starts at 11:50)
Weight for Me episode of Schnookums and Meat in which they get super fat
The Wolf is Out There episode of Big Wolf on Campus in which Tommy gets fatter
Yoshi's Island an ad with an exploding man