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Gainer Art

"You must remember one thing, if I can leave you with anything, if my years out here can benefit you at all, then let it be with this. Never forget that all of these people are primarily a visual people. They are designers, window dressers, models, photographers, graphic artists. They design the windows at Saks. Do you understand? They are a visual people, and they value the eye, and their sins, as Saint Augustine said, are the sins of the eye."

—Andrew Holleran, Dancer from the Dance

It is tempting to fill this page with all of the glorious artwork that has been produced over the years by gainers and encouragers. But in keeping with the idea of being a resource, this page will instead just provide some general information and a representative set of links to help people explore on their own.

First the general information:

The table below has a representative list of gainer art. Please note that these sites are intended for adult audiences and should be viewed only by those who are 18 years of age or older.

Beefyblimps gallery chub/gainer art
Big Baroo superchub bear
Biggest Fattest Blog morbidly obese drawings
broken cassette's gallery chub and gainer art
doubhtub's gallery gainer art collection
Fanimal's gallery fat furries
gitbigger's gallery drawings and morphs of fat men
prisonsuit-rabbitman's gallery gainer art
RollyTiger gainer art
Round House fat furry art
Simon's Bear Art chub, bear, gainer art
svenoliver's gallery chub/gainer art
Warren Davis Collection a members-only yahoo group dedicated to the artwork of Warren B. Davis