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An Analogy

One of the most difficult things to understand about gainers and encouragers is how they differ from chubs and chasers. Perhaps the following analogy will help.

Imagine how you would feel if someone offered to give you a free trip to Hawaii. You would probably think about lying by the beach, swimming in the ocean, and just taking in the natural beauty of the place. That would probably sound appealing. And you would realize that you have to take a plane trip to get there and probably you're not looking forward to that, but you probably would consider it worth it for the chance to spend time in a wonderful place like Hawaii.

In this analogy, Hawaii is a fat man. A chubby chaser is someone who fantasizes about being in Hawaii. He just wants to be in the presence of a fat man that he can enjoy. He doesn't care how he gets there, he just wants to spend time there.

But for gainers and encouragers, it's much more about the plane trip over. They don't fantasize about relaxing once they get to Hawaii. They fantasize about the trip they'll take to get to Hawaii. So the part that others find boring or tedious is what gainers and encouragers find sexually arousing.

In other words, for chasers it's all about the destination whereas for gainers and encouragers it's much more about the process. That's why a chaser will tend to focus on a particular weight range because he is attracted to guys who are a particular size. But gainers and encouragers care less about size and more about the process of getting bigger.

This focus on process can be both exhilarating and frustrating. Consider, for example, a tale of two gainers:

But what about the chubs? If chasers care about the destination and gainers and encouragers care about the process, what do chubs care about? They're the one group of the four who don't have a fascination with fat. They tend to be focused on traditional gay sex. In fact, most don't want to be fat and often resent having their belly turned into a fetish object. This is another difference between the chub/chaser community and the gainer/encourager community. The chub/chaser dynamic can involve a lot of shame and guilt with chubs feeling ashamed and guilty about being fat and chasers feeling ashamed and guilty of being attracted to their fat. Gainers and encouragers may deal with feelings of shame or guilt about their sexual desires, but it is a shared feeling that brings them together rather than a feeling that draws them apart.