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If you would understand anything, observe its beginning and its development.

It takes an endless amount of history to make even a little tradition.
—Henry James

Having a shared sense of history makes it easier to form a meaningful sense of community. Unfortunately nobody seems to be trying to capture the history of the gaining community. It would be nice to have something like this bear history page.

It is difficult to piece together the history of the gainer community, but the table below represents an attempt. Please email with any corrections or suggestions. For example, it would be great to get some of the original newsletters put out by the Encouragement group in the early 1990's. And there are certainly major events and happenings that haven't been included here. So please send in your suggestions to improve this timeline.

Please note that the links are intended for adult audiences and should be viewed only by those who are 18 years of age or older.

1982 DrangonGate gainer/encourager newsletter first published
1988 XL Magazine published with gainer/encourager material (later re-released as XXLNT)
1989 support group called Encouragement forms in New York City
1990 first issues of "Encouragement" newsletter published

Big Ad and Bulk Male magazines are launched (they were chub/chaser publications, but included some gainer/encourager material)
1992 first EncourageCon gathering held in New Hope, Pennsylvania
1993 In response to reader requests, Bulk Male includes a "Guide to Gaining" and refers people to Encouragement (the "nationwide support group for gainers and encouragers")

EncourageCon '93 held at the Wildwood Retreat (Guerneville)

Big Ad has an article on "Deliberate Weight Gaining and Encouraging" and an article by Blubrboy on "The Anatomy of a Gainer: Life begins at 300"

The Oinquirer: America's (mis)Leading Weight Gain Tabloid begins quarterly publication (private subscription through US mail) with stories, sightings, morphs, celebrity gossip, news, and more
1994 EncourageCon '94 held at the Wildwood Retreat (Guerneville)

FatDaddyJeff's article Gaining Ground appears in Bulk Male

Porkers And Gainers Gazette newsletter first published
1995 Big Ad begins publishing a regular column called "Sliding Scale: Addressing Issues of Gaining & Encouraging" by Averill Dupois

EncourageCon '95 held in Provincetown, MA

Ads for the Gainer Fantasy Line start appearing in Bulk Male and Big Ad—you called a free 800# to place an ad and you called a 900# to respond ($1.49 per minute)
1996 FatDaddyJeff starts GainRWeb with "Pics, Stats & Bios" section, stories, art, sightings, and interviews
1997 Together A-Gain (Encouragecon) held at Wild-Wood (Guerneville)
1998 Encouragecon (The Madness of Lake George) held in Lake George, NY

DarkHorse launches belly builders site (taken over by LrgrThnLf in 2000)

fat nats site launches (mostly young gainers and encouragers)
1999 GainRWeb starts featuring The Larger View gallery by photographer Lynn Ludwig (aka ShutterBear)

Encouragecon '99 held in Reno, NV
2000 Belly Growers site launches
2001 Ball Belly Bear site launches

EncourageCon held in Vermont

The Oinquirer web site opened with much of the content from the quarterly publication (this is an amazing archive representing years of effort and rich history—you will probably need to horizontally scroll the upper-left frame to see the actual links because they are centered)
2002 Big Guts site launches (eventually "grew" to have profiles, forums, belly contests, weight gain tips, and more)
2003 Beefy Frat site launches

GainRWeb is relaunched as GainerWeb

Encouragecon held in Palm Springs
2007 Expansion event held in Atlanta
2008 Expansion event held in Orlando
2009 Expansion event held in New Orleans

Growing Guys social networking site launches
2010 relatively unflattering and inaccurate articles on gaining published by ABC News and The Globe and Mail

Expansion event held in Fort Lauderdale
2011 grommr site launches

a total of 52 local gainer events called grommoffs are held

Some of the dates here represent a best guess (corrections would be appreciated). This page does not, in general, include people's actual names out of respect for their privacy. If you are willing to have your actual name appear here, please contact